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protect yourself - protect your family

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immediate response

last known location

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By the time you realize you need it, it might be too late...

Download GuardOwl to stay #onestepahead

Let’s use an example of John and Emily. Emily has to activate location tracking on her phone and share it with John. John has to remember to check the location of the Emily, which is a manual process and doesn’t have auto alerts. John might be asleep, forget to check locations for a while, or one of their phone dies and tracking is no longer effective.

issues with current location and safety apps...


GuardOwl puts the power of safety in our own hands

You chose when and how your location is monitored

giving you privacy and confidence

giving your children freedom

GuardOwl automatically knows if you are safe or not and act accordingly

GPS geo-fence technology

safe zones to indicate safe or not

Guard Owl helps people know where to look for you if in danger

contacts are notified via text or email if user is NOT safe

provides phone number and last known location

Parents can control GuardOwl for their children, and have peace of mind

no longer staying up late to watch your kids come home for curfew

enhanced relationship based on trust and safety

Protecting you and your family from the "what ifs" in life...

kidnapping, taken hostage, car accident, attacked, hurt,
the list goes on...

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