You know that feeling you get when you haven't heard from your kids in a while, your blood pressure is rising, heart pounding, and you start worrying if they are okay?

Well, with the GuardOwl app you can track your kids in the background and be alerted ONLY if they might be in danger, allowing you to help if needed!

In fact, GuardOwl only takes seconds to activate and is guaranteed give you more peace of mind.

and kids... dont worry... your location remains private unless you aren't safe on time!



As the parent download GuardOwl on the AppStore and sign with your name, email, and phone number. We need to validate your phone number to make sure you can receive Safety notifications!


Swipe to the left and add a child user. Enter his or her name and email. The child will get an email with a one-time password for them to use during sign up.


Parent's subscription and app is linked to the child user. Parent can set safe locations and alarm times for the child and get alerted if they aren't at the location on time!

Child / Dependent


Child user - download GuardOwl and "sign in" with the email your parent provided and the one time password. You'll be prompted to change it once logged in. You need to verify your phone number for tracking and alerting purposes. 


Child only has viewing ability. He or she can see what location they need to be at, and what time. They cannot delete or turn off the alarm!


As a mom, I set the Safe Location to my teenager's soccer field so I'll know if she didn't make it to soccer practice on time or if something happened on her way

Maryann & Katie

I use the Family version as a curfew... I love being able to go to sleep before Katie comes home, and know I will be alerted if she isn't back. I have more peace of mind knowing the alert text will contain her last known location so I know where to look for her if needed!

what is your child's life worth to you? 

get your family plan starting at $2.99/month

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